music for all media

Christopher Barr Music

est. 2000


Pretty Little Victim                              Dir. Paul Jones

Short Film

Lifeless Planet                            David Board Games

Video Game-Additional Music Composer

Perception                                      Dir. Michael Dillon

Short Film

The Fountain of Life                         Dir. John Carroll

Feature Film

Eyes for Amber                                Dir. Kyle Murphy

Short Film

The Wizard of Stone Mountain      Dir. John Carroll

TV Series


Gigabit: Off-Raod                       Gigabit Games

Game for iOS and Android

The Trials of Darksmoke       Dir. John Carroll

Feature Film

Star Trek: Yorktown                    Dir. Stan Woo

Fan Film starring George Takei

Varney the Vampire: Feast of Blood                        Dir. John Carroll

Web Series

Demented Features               Dir. John Carroll

TV Series