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Christopher Barr Music

est. 2000

  • Red Rabbit-Synth, Orchestra Hybrid0:39
  • Like a Boss a Nova-Latin Jazz0:35
  • Data Crunch-Synth0:35
  • Yukio-Synth Pop0:38
  • Darksmoke-Orchestra, Adventure0:54
  • Tarantella-Italian Folk Jig0:29
  • Revved Up-Rock, Orchestra Hybrid0:35
  • Valor-Orchestra, Rock Hybrid0:41
  • Feast of Blood-Orchestra, Horror0:30
  • Aelita-Synth, Sound Design0:37
  • Vixens from Space-Rockabilly0:40
  • Yorktown-Orchestra, Adventure0:22
  • Pinewood Derby-Orchestra, Adventure0:34

Christopher Barr (ASCAP) is an award winning composer of film, game, and television music. Known for his lush themes and uncanny ability to compose music very quickly, Chris offers a unique voice to any production while still honoring the Golden Age of Hollywood sound. If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to ask.

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